San Francisco

San Francisco

Day of arrival

The flight was okay, good seats and I had two sweet kids sitting next to me. Their dad asked me if I could keep an eye open. They we’re two angels with headphones on. Other than checking if food was suited for their peanut allergies, it was another source of annoyance. This 4 year old behind me made sure I had an 11 hour massage chair (not very good massages, onfortunatly), she screamed for a couple if hours and the parents had zero control. After 11 hours of getting kicked in the chair by an out of control 4 year old, I finally arrived at San Francisco Airport and shuttled my way to my hostel.

San Francisco from above

Border control took almost 2 hours so arrived around 8pm at the Green Tortoise Hostel San Francisco “I came home from a cold carnaval“..

My credit card gave an error message I exceeded my limit, because apparently I’ve bought five plaintickets the day before. After calling my bank explaining that wasn’t me, I have to call on Tuesday (they don’t work monday Easter) to try and get my 2000 euro reimbursed. I kinda need that money so fingers crossed, my card cannot be deblocked #goodtiming. Good thing I got another credit card before leaving.

So after settling in and meeting some roommates I had some internal struggles. I was tired AF, it felt like 5am (which it was at home) but it was only 8pm here. I headed out anyway, hoping to adjust to this timezone.

Nice art

So I’m in Chinatown which is pretty cool, a lot of restaurants and bars, but to my surprise also a lot of homeless people. They don’t disturb anyone and North Beach (this district) is pretty safe, but it looks bleak at some places. I found a cool saloon to drink a whiskey and watch some cool live blues artists. Got back to the hostel and practically fell in a coma after. Thank you Jack Daniels.

San Francisco by day

This hostel is pretty cool, got my free breakfast and met some cool people. My plan today is walk whatever I can walk and get a new SIM card to get some sweet unlimited data.

Managed to get some sweet internet and strolled through Chinatown by day, walked the wharf and all the piers, saw some sea lions, got my lighter stolen, talked with a rapper, and watched Alcatraz from afar (the tour is too expensive for my blocked creditcard πŸ˜‚).

Now I’m resting my feet and I’m on my way to the golden gate bridge.

A lot more walking to do
Almost there..
Saw a lot of these views the way back.

So ya, this a long walk, did I bit more than I chew? Probably, but I need to practise for Yosemite πŸ˜†.

All in all it was a 29.89km walk, probably 30 with all the hill climbing. And guess what, stupid me forgot sunscreen, and I got burnt for it. Got some free food at the hostel, bought some after sun, took a shower and fell asleep while typing this.

Thanks for reading πŸ˜‰

29.89km walk

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